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Welcome to the Larta Portal!

Iowa Commercialization Assistance Program (Iowa CAP)

We work side-by-side with entrepreneurs to identify and address their unique challenges and opportunities. We are your partner and advocate, generating new opportunities as we help enabling commercialization outcomes and readiness--moving ventures to “Propel” fund readiness. The program is complementary to what Iowa already provides for entrepreneurs. It will focus on helping entrepreneurs developing commercialization roadmaps, pursue broad networks for companies from the industry, capital, regulatory, domain experts, etc. in the healthcare and agtech arena.

To learn more about Larta, please visit our website:

To learn more about our Iowa CAP, please browse the links on the left hand side.

For participating companies, this portal will serve as the gateway to the program’s various tools, communications, and updates. It also serves as a repository for program deliverables and performance tracking.

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